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Erica’s Experience 


 My first encounter with Ronda was early in 2013 at an expo. I have had many readings before and never really thought anything of them. After seeing Ronda I had chills because I couldn’t come to terms with how she would know anyone within my family yet alone my ambitions and goals.  I had seen Ronda again but with my twin sister in the room later in 2013. This passage is a segment on my experience with having a reading done by Ronda

My experience was different because I couldn’t imagine her telling me about people I haven’t even met and that had died. Having a European background I couldn’t imagine how this lady could possibly get any Serbian names correct.  It was clear that she was talking/seeing the dead and was communicating through them. Ronda was good when it came to giving description of these people that were dead. The messages I got through Ronda were from my Grandmother which I had never met, my grandmothers sister, my cousin that still is alive, my Grandpas friend in Serbia and others which knew my father.  

My Grandmother seemed to be in a lot of the reading. She was able to describe what my Father had built in our home that was a decking at the front and back of the house. She wanted me to pass the message to say that she likes it. She came to Australia once which she told Ronda and was able to describe where she is now is peaceful and she is living in nature with the birds, trees and animals and loves it. What she was describing was the memorial park at which her ashes were buried. She wanted me to tell my father she loves it where she is now. My Grandmother was showing Ronda a baby at which she was holding and showing her that the baby can’t breathe. She looked upset and sorry. She mentioned the name of my Aunty (my fathers’ sister which is also her mother). She explained to Ronda that my aunty was going through problems in her life and showed her the baby. Ronda told me that she’s showing her the baby whilst explaining through actions that the baby died with something wrapped around her neck. I was stunned because no one knew about this and the baby did die by its own umbilical cord.  My Grandmother wanted me to pass the message on to my aunty to say the baby is fine and that she is looking after him and that she should be proud of herself.  My grandmother was describing to Ronda that I have a cousin that works with his hands and has his own business. It was weird because my cousin is a chiropractor and works with his hands. 

Ronda said the name ‘Marko’ which is my cousin’s name but is alive. She was able to point out that he is in his teens experimenting with alcohol and etc and himself. He is seen as a macho but he is a real softy inside she said that his energy was very strong and stood by me. She explained that he is experiencing some difficulty with something and struggling in terms of his life. This is true because my cousin finished his last exams and is experimenting with life he has been through a lot of difficulties with his friends and girlfriend.  

Ronda was encountered by my Grandfathers friend that passed away not long ago. He was my grandfather’s friend in the military and grew up with him. She said ‘John’ she explained that he wanted to say hello to him. 

Throughout the reading, Ronda described an elderly man in between four walls sitting on a chair with the TV off and tapping his walking stick on the floor every so often. She said all he does is think of my sisters and I and how far we have come and proud he is. Ronda picked up my grandfather which is alive that lives in a bungalow outside our house he doesn’t socialize and sits with the TV off and taps his walking stick every now and then. 

Ronda was able to pick up my first dog that passed away and loved when I was younger. She described the animal small and black and ran towards her putting the paw on me to say hi.  


Ronda was able to tell me things about my Mother didn’t even know. She saw my Mother with birds all over her when she was young. She had saw feet. When I asked my mother she told me that she grew up with birds and was stunned. Ronda described two males that are twins she said that they are watching over me and that they are looking after me. She asked if I had known them I said no. She asked if anyone in the family had twins I said no. But when I asked my mum she started crying. She said how she would know that. My mother’s mum (my grandmother) had twin boys that died before birth.  

My Grandmothers sisters kept coming up in my readings telling Ronda to pass the message to me to tell them that they wanted to say hi and they miss there sister. Another message from my Dad’s uncle that passed which is my Grandfathers brother his name is Nikola he said, he wishes he could have a glass of wine and beer with a roast. When I told my Dad he was stunned because he said that’s what they would do in the village in Serbia. 

Another time I saw Ronda. Before I even sat down she was able to pick up someone passed away.  She described the person and that they couldn’t breathe. She said for me and my sister to pass the message on to Slavica which is my aunty that everything is ok and thank you for your help. The person Ronda picked up in the reading was my great grandfather which had died the day before. He died in intensive care and my aunty was always with him upset and talking to him even though he couldn’t talk back because he couldn’t breathe. 


Garnet’s Testimony 


"I first came across Ronda at a psychic expo. I was sceptical but I thought I had nothing to lose, so why not see what she could tell me. And she was able to pick up on things I couldn't believe. Things, that hadn't been publicised on Facebook and things that my friends hadn't known. She had picked up on a list of 5 characteristics or events that had occurred recently to this man I had been seeing at the time. Her description of him was spot on ie the sports he played and liked, his personality traits, his physique. She even described how his old car had randomly stopped/broken down, and how it had left him stranded. I had felt that this was an odd thing for her to pick up on and been so right about. Why? Because i had met this man a few years ago. We had remained friends but with little contact yet I remember distinctly his car, and the stickers he had on it. It wasn't a fancy car, just one that took you from A to B but I remember meeting up with this man a few years later and realising his car had been replaced. It was news to me, and a few days later this psychic sat in front of me and described this car event to me. She described his hobbies, things that she wouldn't have known. She went on to say she didn't feel this man would be my partner - this was a short fling. And a few short months later she was right.  


I then went back to see Ronda a few months later and this time she was able to describe my grandfather to me, a man whom I had never met as he had passed away when my father was a boy. She told me to ask my father specific things, like about a photo taken when he was a boy - a photo I didn't even know existed. She even picked up on my grandmother and this is where things get scary - she picked up on a word. A specific word spoken in another language and not just any common language but in Slovene. This is something she could not know prior to the reading- she didn't know my surname or background, let alone how to speak the language. My grandmother had told Ronda the Slovene word for "wait". To wait for this man that is my soul mate and to stop stressing about when he will come. To enjoy life. For Ronda to pick up on a word spoken in a totally different language and not a common one like Italian or French really blew my mind..! 




Asha’s Testimonial 


Ronda is a fantastic medium. I visit her for a reading once or twice a year, and every time she taps into family members. She has told me the correct names of several deceased members of my family, including my father, grandmother and grandfather. She has passed messages on from them to myself in regards to my life and the path I was taking, and helped me with positive messages whilst dealing with a difficult break up. She told me that my father is always sitting next to me watching over my life which was very comforting. 

I have recommended Ronda to all of my closest family and friends who have also had positive readings and experiences from her, and would never go to any other medium for a reading." 



Mary’s Testimonial 


I have seen Ronda several times over the years and I plan on seeing her again in the future. Each time I have seen Ronda I have been amazed at how accurate and detailed she is. I feel like Ronda is a true Angel on this earth and the kind and caring way she communicates messages to me have always given me the strength and guidance I have needed at the time.  

Mary Sullivan xxxxx  


Laura’s Testimonial 


I don’t think I will ever forget my first experience with Ronda. I have been to many psychics before but nothing compared to how accurate Ronda’s readings were. At the time I went to go see Ronda I had been in a confused and lost state of mind. I remember just wanting some kind of reassurance to know if everything would be ok. Ronda not only helped provide the reassurance but she was able to identify things that had happened in my past that no one else knew about. She also was able to identify family members that had passed away by their names. I was blown away at how much she knew about me without me saying a word.

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