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Ronda is available for group workshops and platform work.

Ronda teaches and runs psychic development and mediumship classes. She has been working as a Medium for over 20 years and currently does Platform Demonstrations at the Churches and publicly.



Working with the light : Colour Workshop


The workshop centres on working with colour for psychics and mediums. Understanding colours to enhance your clairvoyance and to personalise your messages.



The mediums own sensitivity will pick up on a vibration that triggers a response within them to interpret a meaning of a colour seen clairvoyantly or even feeling a colour within the aura of the sitter.



Colours are a world within themselves but it’s important to understand that in reading the aura as a psychic or medium you don’t have to be artistic to receive colours or hues. Colours themselves and their meanings will differ from medium to medium. We are picking up light..



Using colour in a reading is a tool that can be developed. To start with we have colours that are fixed, ie yellow sand and everyone will agree that the sand is yellow. That colour can’t be changed it is as it is. As a medium we can get perceived colours, these are colours that are perceived through the gift of clairvoyance, seeing in the mind or the mind’s eye. So as the medium sees a colour within the aura the message is coming from within the mind of the medium through spirit.

A certain person may having a ‘loving energy’ one medium may interpret that as being a pink shade whereas another medium may register it as green.

We can get to know colour and it’s meanings from various textbooks and internet programs but having definite interpretations can be difficult in that seeing colours within the aura will change for every person and every person’s differing energy fields.

This colour workshop is also being run at a Spiritualist Church in 2022.

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