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About Ronda

Image by Yoshi Takekawa

I grew up in a funeral parlour and was surrounded by the sense of the afterlife. We used to jump in the unfinished coffins and pretend we were going to ‘heaven’ as children, we had a Chapel at the front of the premises that we would also use even though we were not supposed to, In the Chapel we would put on little shows singing with teddy bears as our audience and cats wandering through the sacred space only to be told off later. I remember one afternoon watching Dad put a coffin in place, he quite often would have a nail in his mouth as he hammered the wood together, my sister who was around 6 at the time asked him, “Who takes the nails out of the coffins when they get to Heaven”, Dad and I laughed so much he nearly swallowed the nail.


I am a Psychic Medium, I’m Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient. I can tune into the auric field and read from the aura.I believe it’s important to be able to validate a reading with evidential information that comes through. I also feel it’s important to remain humble I love what I do I’m passionate about it yet I’m aware that more often than not it’s about loss and connecting people on this side to Spirit is emotional, I have at times felt like an intruder but through tears or whatever it takes the message will come through.

I do Platform Mediumship at some of the Spiritualist Churches in Melbourne and Victoria. I’ve also written a book called ‘Mystical’ that includes an incredible event I witnessed as a 14 year old with my sister and father. It gives an account of other spiritual things that occurred and my development. I currently teach psychic mediumship as well at one of the spiritual churches and facilitate workshops.

It’s wonderful the messages that come from the spirit world through things you couldn’t possibly know with names, and evidence that can be validated.As two worlds unite we are informed and inspired. Love eternal..

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