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Princess Cross

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Princess Cross

The Princess Cross (from the book Mystical) It was late August 1997, I was working at a Government Call Centre the job was busy sometimes even 150 calls per day, I thought I had it down pat. I was earning enough to pay rent and live as a single mother that’s a feat in itself. I had also made new friends and I enjoyed seeing them as part of my working week routine. I felt it was important not to rush into working professionally as a Psychic Medium I wanted to be the best I could be before looking for professional work. I have since seen others jump into reading well before they have had enough experience. For me in any case it was a life journey.……It was a good 15 minute walk from the car park to the building that housed the call centre,it was like the movie’ groundhog day’, same building, same desks, same supervisor, same questions, except that when I was walking in on this particular week something different was happening, as I looked over to see the desks or the people I was working with even doors: there were dark crosses over them. It continued even shopping at the supermarket I'd see them; small black crosses to large black crosses, the times or sequences between seeing them had no real pattern. Eventually I saw a black cross over the girl who was a dear friend that I sat next to. I had to say something I couldn’t hold back any longer and besides I was worried for her now and she knew I was very spiritual person, so hopefully she wouldn’t think I had lost my mind completely, so I mentioned it to her “I’m seeing black crosses somethings not right”, she said “What?”, “I’m seeing black crosses” “ What do you mean?”, she said, I replied “ I’m seeing these black crosses, over people, over doors, down corridors”, she said “Omg Ronni I don’t know but it sounds intense mate”…..omg Ronni really”, omg ”.

I was in my car on the day I heard the news Princess Diana was killed in a tragic car crash in the Pont de I’Alma road tunnel in Paris on 31st of August 1997. It took my breath away to hear that news for a moment I thought the news must be wrong the kind of thing you think when you’re in shock, I cried, not hysterical crying but shed a tear for the ‘People’s Princess’. Almost as if the tear spilling down my cheek had illuminated the memory of that week prior. It all made sense. The dark crosses I was seeing. The premonition. This was my sign for someone passing over it can change but it was a sign. Love has no time its endless, it spans our cosmic universe and our hearts are like a key signature that opens a door to tell the story of a soul’s lifetime.

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