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I'm a Psychic Medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient.

Believing it’s important to be able to validate a reading with evidential information that comes through. I also feel it’s important to remain humble I love what I do I’m passionate about it yet I’m aware that more often than not it’s about loss and connecting people on this side to Spirit is emotional, I have at times felt like an intruder but through tears or whatever it takes the message will come through. I do Platform Mediumship that is connecting people with loved ones in spirit in a group setting; it can be sad but it’s wonderful the messages that come through things you couldn’t possibly know with names, and information that can be validated. As two worlds unite.. 

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Personal Readings

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Mystical - A Book by Ronda


This book details her experiences of developing and working as a Medium along with her experiences of being a Nurse, a Pastoral Practitioner, a Singer/Songwriter and a Mother. Ronda details her journey through heartbreak, betrayal, mistrust, arrogance and pain to finding that we are more than the physical, that we are all connected in ways that are fascinating and wondrous.Ronda recognised that the sensitivity of Mediumship and connecting people here in this world with those that they had lost was a kind of Ministry in itself.

The book also includes three murder cases and the dreams Ronda had of them, including images of a scene where there is a clue to information regarding evidence of the perpetrator. Ronda also includes a look into some of her philosophy working as a Medium and a guide to how it is facilitated. Ronda gives an honest depiction of how she developed and what others may glean from that from a spiritual perspective in their own lives.



The prospect of a spiritual world wasn’t an unusual one for Ronda Robertson, having grown up in a funeral parlour, but her first supernatural vision was frightening, and an experience she’s sure not to forget anytime soon.

Featured Articles


Laura’s Testimonial 


I don’t think I will ever forget my first experience with Ronda. I have been to many psychics before but nothing compared to how accurate Ronda’s readings were. At the time I went to go see Ronda I had been in a confused and lost state of mind. I remember just wanting some kind of reassurance to know if everything would be ok. Ronda not only helped provide the reassurance but she was able to identify things that had happened in my past that no one else knew about. She also was able to identify family members that had passed away by their names. I was blown away at how much she knew about me without me saying a word.

Asha’s Testimonial 


Ronda is a fantastic medium. I visit her for a reading once or twice a year, and every time she taps into family members. She has told me the correct names of several deceased members of my family, including my father, grandmother and grandfather. She has passed messages on from them to myself in regards to my life and the path I was taking

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